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Hey there! My name's Ninten!
This website is a place where you can find published comics I've written alongside bizarre dreams and cool art pieces! (There's also some fan-made stuff for things like Pokémon!)

I was inspired by a few old Nintendo websites from the 90's and 2000's. (Alongside some other cool sites I found on my host site!)

The second reason I created this site was to have some sort of portal to the classic internet. The REAL internet. The internet you've seen before feels too bland and boring. Everyone's always following BIG trends, and it's rare to find someone who legitimately sticks out from the crowd who is actually true to themselves. Besides that, everything looks like it's being run by some shady corporation.

With this website, I hope I can inspire others to bring back those feelings of fun and freedom that were lost through time. I also hope you'll be entertained by the things available here!

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Things are getting WILD this week!

Treat people with ASD with the respect they deserve.Support a free internet!Wish it wasn't a total flop...
Still waiting for an English Platinum Version update. It could save your web pages for the ages!It was like Nintendo's own offline web fourm.Please do. I read each and every one. Proud member of NeoCities SoHo Neighborhood!

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