Welcome to the Dream Dimension. This is a place where I share some dreams I had.

My dreams can be pretty strange. But they make for some excellent writing material! Some of them even end up as inspirations for some of my original projects.

September 8th

The first dream I had this night centered around an anime based on a manga called Nameneko Matayoshi's Strongest Legend: Don't Blame Me!

It's a manga I managed to get into late in the summer. In this one episode, Matayoshi (the tabby) was in a bike race against this other character. (It was probably an original character who didn't appear in the manga.) The race was heating up, and Chikuwa (the little yellow guy) was trying to tell him something. But I couldn't make out what he was saying. The episode then cuts to another scene with some of the characters in a hotel room. Leo (the white cat in the back) noticed an object on top of a dresser. After he picked it up and wondered what it was, the dream shifted to another scenario.

I was moving into a new house in another country. Instead of unpacking some of the boxes, I sat down and read a horror novel. I don't remember the specifics of it. But there was this one kid who actively tortured the people who had wronged him in life. One scene involved two other kids panicking as they were about to be squished by a moving wall. A while after I finished reading, I watched an animated horror movie adaptation of the book. The art style had a cartoony look, and some of the scenes were the same. The scene with the moving wall had a girl replace a guy, and there was another scene where the protagonist began to doubt his actions. By the time I got to the climax of the movie, the dream ended.

September 9th

I woke up in a school where a friend took me to a massive cafeteria that also doubled as a hub for eating establishments. The meals served there were actually free until 10 AM. To be honest, the only reason my friend dragged me there was so that she could say how angry she was at someone for embarrassing her and that she had a plan to get back at them.

After that, the dream shifted to some guy putting accessories on other people's cars to make them look cool or scary. He did all of this in an area that looked like a combination of a small town, a port, and a parking lot. Needless to say, the owners of those cars were not happy with what they saw. After they tried to confront the criminal, the dream ended.

September 18th

I was playing Pokémon Violet Version and was in the middle of the Mewtwo Tera Raid Battle event that ended the other day. I wasn't really up for it. But I decided to test my luck and fight it anyway. My team and I managed to do great, and we actually beat Mewtwo. It's too bad it was all a dream... (That, and I used Koraidon for the fight.)

Sometime later, I found myself entering a community center that looked like a DMV. It alternated between teaching ballet classes and serving as a theater. There was a program where some cartoon character talked about something. But I couldn't make out what he was saying.

After that, I woke up in another dream where I was suddenly in a town that was located in my old home country. I could walk through areas at faster speeds. I nearly made it to the next town over when the dream came to a close.

October 14th

I was getting ready to travel to a new country. It felt like I was continually rushing to get to a train or an airplane on time. But I have no idea why I did because there wasn't any transportation available. There was a big metal gate that opened to reveal the road to a new country. Almost as if it was a portal to another dimension that was treated like a miracle for all to see. It reminded me of this scene from Pokémon Pocket Monsters when Professor Oak shows the road to Route 29 to Red, Gold, and Silver.

I was about to set off into this new territory to see what it had to offer. But then, the dream ended.

October 15th

I was minding my business when some girl punched me in the face. It was completely uncalled for, and I feel like she's one of those jerks who want to start fights for no reason. I thought talking to her wouldn't change anything. So I took her to court for assault. I managed to win the case before transitioning to another dream.

I was eating some roll-up candy in a study hall and won some posters from a promotion it was holding. The art style used in the posters made it look like a film from the 90s featuring some pretty-looking dogs. After I finished admiring the posters, I turned on a nearby television to watch a movie. A dog was on a train headed toward a city. He saw a French dog and was so enamored by her that he missed his stop. After a few seconds, he snapped out of his trance and ran back to his original destination at the next stop. He ran into a dead end in an alley before heading back and taking a different path that led him to the city he was initially headed to. Before I had the chance to see him explore it, the dream ended.

October 16th

I went to a musical for a popular cartoon. I thought it was Pokémon because I remember holding up a sign with "Orre" written on it after they asked what our favorite region was. But it could have been another show like Bakumaru or Bluey. Speaking of Pokémon, there was a big event held for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Version and Pokémon Shining Pearl Version where they were giving away powerful Pokémon through Mystery Gift. It must have been done to ramp up the excitement for a tournament.

The venue for both of these events was very colorful and incredibly HUGE. It looked similar to the Little Cup stadium from
Pokémon Stadium 2.

After I got my
Pokémon, I ended up in an area that was similar to a hedge maze. Except, the hedges were all replaced by overgrown grass. It felt like I was traveling through a field of crops. By the time I got out, I found myself in a city that looked like London. (Except for the fact it was still located in North America.) Before I could explore it, the dream ended.

October 28th

There was a big event held for an online digital pet game that utilized special peripherals to connect a device to a computer. The game was loaded with features that allowed you to store items you found on the device online, talk in chatrooms, and access different modes. It seemed to be a pretty big deal with everyone. Before I could try it for myself, I ended up in a different dream.

I was moving into a dormitory with some other people in a new college. The dorms were all based on characters from Tiny Toon Adventures. (Complete with interesting fan art.) I wanted the Fifi La Fume room but got tossed out by some guy who claimed to have had it reserved in advance. I eventually settled on a room far away from the others that had nothing to do with Tiny Toons. I opened my laptop and drew some small comics with impressive detail. Before I could do anything else, I shifted to another dream.

I found myself in a library that had some Pokémon-centric activities. (Including a challenge that had you beat 100 Pokémon in a row using an Advanced series game.) There was a giant video booth that announced tips for Pokémon games, as well as tidbits for certain characters from the anime. Complete with their voices. (Most of the trivia was fake and hilarious.)

After I exited the library, I ended up in a flood caused by a severe storm. I swam for miles until I made it to a desert town that resembled Mesagoza City from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet versions. The type symbols in the center of the town were replaced by strange alien writing. As I planned on what I should do next, I was thrust into another dream.

I woke up as some robotic superhero who was trapped in an alternate dimension where these characters from a candy advertisement chased me down after witnessing a secret of theirs in their bedroom. (Which looked like it belonged to a girl.) Thankfully, I was able to escape through an elevator, which led me to a seemingly abandoned high school. There wasn't a person around for miles except someone in an Elmo costume. I approached them for questions. When I got near them, they slowly began to turn to me and were about to tackle me. That's when I ran off.

I was running for some time, and the Elmo cosplayer was still behind me. Just when I started wondering whether I'd be able to escape from this guy, I found a nearby stairwell. Just as I was heading to the next floor, I saw some ordinary people (possibly students) walking around. I tried to reach them. But I couldn't because a red metal gate was blocking the way. The person in the Elmo costume caught up to me and took off the costume's head to reveal themselves as a crazed woman. She claimed that she was the one who made the gate and that I would become her new toy. Before she reached me, I took out a cutter from my pocket and cut a hole through the gate before making my grand escape. The woman from before tried to climb after me. But I slammed her right onto the pavement below.

As soon as I flew off to check out the rest of the city, the dream ended.

November 8th

I was watching a movie that centered around some kids who tried to take back their futuristic world from a tyrannical dictator who was bent on transforming innocent people into robotic minions and murdering anyone that stood in his way. Later in the film, one of the protagonist's relatives is hospitalized by a mercenary sent in by the antagonist. They seem incredibly damaged from the attack. The doctor even states that it'd be a miracle if they'd be able to see another day.

The protagonist is understandably hurt by all of this and decides to end everyone's suffering by taking out the antagonist once and for all. As soon as the main heroes geared up to take down the villain of the movie, I found myself in another dream.

I was watching Boomerang when a form of cable anti-piracy kicked in. Quickdraw McGraw takes out a shotgun and shoots the viewer for illegally viewing the channel. Quickdraw looks scuffed up after he fires, with a bit of dust and mangled fur. I couldn't believe something like this actually aired on TV! It looks exactly like one of those fake anti-piracy videos you'd see on YouTube. Just as the television cut to black, the dream ended.

December 17th

I was in high school. (Thankfully, it was a better high school than the one I went to.) There was this guy who kept on boasting about how he got to create a cartoon about a dog detective based on some Sherlock Hound fan art he made YEARS ago as part of an art group he was about to leave.

When I tried to move somewhere else, some Hollywood big shots approached me with the desire to have me direct a reboot of a movie franchise revolving around humans and dragons. When I first saw some footage, I was less than happy with what I saw. The character models looked ugly, and the writing tried WAY too hard to be hip with the kids. I refused to work on a film like this and turned down the executives' request. After they left, the dream shifted.

Some kooky old guy was constantly being told off for acting like a childish buffoon. It wasn't until he became a ruthless dictator that people began to take him seriously. Anyone who mocked or scolded him was executed on the spot.

After that, I was eating some pizza at a Chuck E. Cheese-like location. When I asked for pepperoni, they informed me they only served cheese pizza and nothing more. I was okay with that fact and ordered two slices. The guy behind me asked for 100 or more pies and 30 milkshakes. The restaurant seemed VERY specific about the pizza crust. The dining area had several warnings about leaving the crust on the tray. Even with all this, I ate the crust anyway, and nothing terrible happened to me.

It was at that point that I was warped to some sort of final battle (Probably against the old man from before) after collecting a certain amount of magical items. Before I could comprehend what was going on, the dream ended.

January 6th

I had to transfer to different train lines to get to a specific location. After a while, I accidentally ended up on the wrong train. It was an old, creaky cargo train I thought would topple over at any moment. Somewhere along the way, there was another train that was headed straight for the one I was in at breakneck speed. Somehow, I was the one tasked with saving everyone from getting totaled in a crash. As soon as I pulled the brakes, I was transported to another dream.

I was in a theater where a production of Pokémon Live was taking place. Even though the actual play takes place during the Original Series, this version of it was set in the Advanced saga due to characters like May and Drew appearing. There was even a surprise appearance from a popular band I'd never heard of. Before we got to see the new villains interact with our heroes, all the theatergoers were asked to line up and exit the room. The reason for this was that the play was done entirely without the involvement of Nintendo or The Pokémon Company International. Making it an unlicensed production. Before I could make heads or tails of what was happening, I was thrust into another dream.

I became obsessed with a manga created by an artist named Zenmigawa that centered around an all robot baseball team. After I contacted him to compliment him on the manga and how I always admired his work (even before he started self-publishing), the dream ended.

January 10th

I went to a restaurant at night with some family members to eat some seafood. I felt stuffed after finishing my meal, and I thought we would be heading home. But my stepmom informed me that we would be visiting a friend somewhere on the edge of town. Before we arrived, I entered another dream.

A few of my friends and I were traveling down a metal bridge that led to a beach pier with lots of games, corn dogs, and tangy cotton candy. After a while, I sat down on the warm beach sand to relax from all the excitement. Just then, someone persuaded me to get into a boat to show off my Pokémon skills at their school and even enter an official tournament. Their boat looked shady and run down, which proved to me that this guy couldn't be trusted. I declined his offer and went to meet up with my friends. Before we could think about what to do next, I ended up in another dream.

I was in a theater situated in a GRAND mall watching a movie about a group in a music store with a well-liked singer. After some exposition, the main antagonist of the film appeared and tried to steal the musician's magical item. At this point, both the characters and most of the audience ran out of the building in terror. The audience ran as the scene and audio were so intense they believed the villain was out to get them.

Before I could find out what happened to the protagonists, the dream ended.