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To make sure that nobody interferes with her plans, Marzipan gathered six powerful figures who hail from different parts of Marzipanland.

These figures were dubbed Area Leaders and are dying to beat down Kuricha and Marrisso!

Thankfully, Kuricha and Marrisso know how to deal with goofs like these guys!


A loud-mouthed Area Leader from Brightland! Yeller is a true punk at heart. Mesing up public property without a care and jamming out to his favorite songs! (He isn't afraid to sing the verses out loudly.)

He often attacks enemies by jumping around and singing loudly. Causing large panels to rise all over.

Ms. Donna

A self-made woman who serves as the Area Leader of Scholarland. Besides being an Area Leader, she also works as a teacher in Scholarland Elementary.

She's quick and carries a jump rope whip with her that she can use to lash her enemies with. She HATES her job and just works for the money.

She could care less for the children.

Coach Swimman

An Area Leader who has made Ruinsland his base of operations. He is also the leader of the Swimmen Group. A criminal organization dedicated to expanding the Earth's water levels and sinking Marzipanland into the ocean.

He's a serious person who doesn't have time for games.

Murky Mole

An Area Leader who resides near Tunnelland. Murky Mole is a money obessed tyrant who will try to pull off many schemes in order to make himself a millionare.

When it comes to work, Murky Mole is pretty lazy and relies on his brainwashed henchmen to do his dirty work for him. When it comes to fighting, however, he can be a pretty formidable foe!


The emperor of an advanced race of penguins known as Penguinis. He can be pretty slow due to his weight. While he IS sluggish, he makes up for it with his stomps which are powerful enough to stop anyone close to his seismic waves.

While he is the wisest of the Penguinis, he can be pretty gullible at times. (He only became an Area Leader after Marzipan persuaded him and his people with a massive supply of fish.)


An eccentric inventor with an IQ of over 500 who is also the Area Leader of the self-titled Mount Krogstad. His constant devious behavior and high intellect have landed him as Marzipan's main henchman.

Outside of evil work, Krogstad also takes care of his teenage niece, Mi-Mi, and wants her to be just as bad as him. Mi-Mi, however, is more good-natured and isn't against trying to ruin some of her uncle's plans.

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