I'm trying to make a certain Pokémon into a Contest Star. But how does a Pokémon become so great at Contests? That's why I created this article. To show off my training methods for contests and to show you how to do the exact same!

The diva herself.
For this guide, I'm going to be using my Purugly, Nyaruma, as an example.
Nyaruma has a Hardy nature. So, her stats have an equal amount of growth. And the same can also be said about her condition. A Pokémon's nature determines not just how its stats grow. But also what kind of food it likes.


As you can see here, Katsura has a Naive nature. His Speed grows faster compared to his Special Defense, and he prefers sweet food compared to bitter food. (But then again, who else doesn't?)
His nature could be of great help when it comes to training for battle. But when it comes to contests, he might need a bit of luck.


Nyaruma on the other hand isn't as picky and will eat anything regardless of flavor. Because of this, she has the chance to easily max out her condition for each contest category if fed the right Poffins.

With that information in mind, we can now bake our Poffins.
When it comes to Poffin baking, there's a bit of strategy involved. First, the berries you use have a huge impact on what type of Poffin you'll receive after it's finished cooking. You can use the chart below for reference.

Berry Flavor

Just like Pokémon types, each flavor is weak against a different flavor. And just like Pokémon types, flavors have an advantage over other flavors. The key is to counter a berry that has a flavor with a high value with a berry that has a flavor which is strong against the other berry and has a value that's nearly equal to it.

I've managed to come up with my own Poffin recipes. These do a good job of increasing 2-3 of your Pokémon's condition.

Rich Poffin [Increases Coolness, Toughness, and Cuteness]
Mild Poffin [Increases Cuteness and Coolness]
Lansat Berry
Rowap Berry
Mago Berry

We're aiming for more effective Poffins. Luckily, this cool guide shows you the exact recipes you need! While it covers the DP series, it's much easier to use with the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl versions. That's because there's a new method for cooking Poffins in these remakes.
While you can cook Poffins at the Poffin House in Hearthome City, you can also cook them in Amity Square. Amity Square is the better of the two locations as you can bake higher-leveled Poffins. The quality of the Poffins increases depending on how many Pokémon you walk with within the park and how friendly they are towards you. A full team with members who have a high friendship value is important here.

A full team of friends!
Use the same stirring strategy presented in this guide and aim for a baking time that's less than or equal to 56 seconds.

Now that you have your Poffins, it's time to feed them to your Pokémon. The Poffin recipe guide mentioned before doesn't really state what flavor each Poffin contains. Thankfully, I've created my own reference chart.

Poffin No.
1 & 2
Spicy, Bitter, and Sweet
3 & 4
Sour, Bitter, and Dry
5 & 6
Spicy, Sour, and Sweet
7 & 8
Spicy, Dry, and Bitter
9 & 10
Sour, Dry, and Sweet

If your Pokémon's condition is nearly maxed out and you either don't have the required Poffins or enough ingredients to make said Poffins, this next trick should help.
When you first arrive in Hearthome City, there should be a person somewhere who will give you a level 60 Mild Poffin as a gift. This Poffin is notable because it can increase ALL of your Pokémon's contest stats. It's impossible to bake a Poffin like this through normal means. So, make sure to save it for a specific Pokémon you want to use for every contest.

Take that Poffin and feed it to the Pokémon.

Its remaining contest stats should skyrocket, finally giving the Pokémon a perfect condition.

So, there you have it. With these strategies, you can train your Pokémon to become the best at contest shows!
Teach it the right moves, give it the perfect Ball Capsule, and aim for the top!

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