-Forget The Dumb Rules!-

I'm sure you know how to make Poffins in  Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Just spin the control sticks in the direction the screen tells you. Listen to the game and you'll make high-level Poffins in no time! With a tip like that, you probably think there's no reason for this page to exist. But...


Following the on-screen prompts will only slow you down and lead to the creation of burnt up, low-level Poffins. And unless you're super fast and know when to avoid overflows and burns, you'll find yourself with a heap of low-level (Foul) Poffins. So, that's it. Just hope you'll create a Poffin with actual flavor or start relying on Foul Poffins to raise your Pokémon's contest stats.


What if I told you there was a way to score a better baking time AND better Poffins? For this article, I'll show you that this is one of those moments in life where breaking the rules might be your only chance of success. (Or survival...)
Start baking a Poffin as usual. Stir in a direction that doesn't make your thumbs feel uncomfortable. When the screen tells you to stir in another direction, ignore it and keep stiring in the direction your currently stiring in.

Just like that!

That's it.

That's all you need to do. Once the batter finally hardens, spin the control stick as fast as you can. (In order to avoid hurting your hands, alternate between the left and right control sticks if one of your thumbs gets tired.)
Keep at it and you'll eventually have yourself a high-grade Poffin.

Here you go!

I only came up with this trick since I play my Nintendo Switch Pokémon games on a Switch Lite and can't stir using a Joy-Con. (The ones I have for the original Switch are completely broken control-wise.)
After I figured out this trick, I played Pokémon Platinum Version to see if the same thing could be used with the original titles. And, it did.

It worked even in 2007. (Uh, 2009?) Gonna win the next contest for sure!

This trick blew my mind when I first performed it a few weeks ago. I've been baking Poffins ever since 2014 and I always thought that if you didn't follow the directions on-screen, something bad would've happened to them. But now that I'm more older and know better,  I'll just stick to doing things my way instead of being given false advice from a video game.

And, you should too.

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