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The main hero of the story! Kuricha is a strong-willed hero who never backs down from a fight!

He was born with strong legs. Allowing him to run at high speeds, jump at high altitudes, and use his signature attack, the Quake-Stomp. An attack where he stomps the ground hard. Causing a large erosion to strike his enemies.

No one really knows what sort of creature Kuricha is. But, it's speculated that he's supposedly a rare cat breed.


The other main hero of the story. Although not as brave as Kuricha, Marrisso still proves to be a great hero through his clever wits and large, powerful tail!

Even though he's tall, it's said that Marrisso is the youngest of the two.


A fun-loving girl who is known for her powerful magic. Magic so strong, it could break any curse imaginable! Knowing this, Marzipan kidnapped Missy to stop her from reversing the effects caused by her black magic.

Outside of magic, Missy is a caring person with a good heart and will be there to protect the people she cares deeply about.

The relationship between her and Kuricha seems to be a mystery...


The latest descendant in the Vampire Bat clan known for their evil tendencies and powerful black magic. Marzipan aims to take over Marzipanland and rule it with an iron fist!

With Kuricha and Marrisso foiling her plans, however, that goal might never become a reality...

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