My name is Ninten111. Welcome to my official website!

Happy birthday to me I guess...

This is just a place where I share my interests and original content. I was mostly inspired by a few Nintendo websites from the 90's and 2000's. Along with some other cool sites like this one that were created using Neocities.
The second reason why I created this site is to have some freedom and to express feelings that can't be described by just words alone. Ever since I was young, the internet was the only real place where I felt like I had absolute freedom.
I could say whatever my heart desired and post things that people would actually like and acknowledge. (Unlike in high school...) And, thanks to that freedom, I've made countless friends from across the world!

And, I plan to continue making new friends on the web by making a place where everybody can be happy and connect with one another!

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Language Practice
Developer's Journal

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I might have had a rough day yesterday.
But I'm back on track and I'm laser focused on my school work!

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