Scots class is now in session!!!

Teacher's Speaking!

Here's where I share some helpful Scots phrases! I find myself being at an intermediate level when it comes to this language. But, that won't stop me from teaching what I've learned to others who are just as interested in it as I am!


A friendly greeting! Let's start with a simple greeting. When talking to someone new, you can say: "Clivver tae meet ye!" which means "Nice to meet you!"
If someone asks you what your name is, you just say: Mi nem is (your name here).

A trip to the Gatchamon Sanatorium! When saying goodbye to a visiting friend or a customer/client, just say: "Haste ye back!" or "Come back soon!"
It's always nice to see a familiar face!

Basically "Good night". You could probably guess which situation this could be used in.

(You probably WOULDN'T want to say it in a creepy forest...)


What kinda Gatchamon is that? "What is that?" Use this when you see something you're not familiar with.
Like a weird-looking creature or a loud thud near your house.

Random Stuff

Looks like the air got all chilly again... Translates to "Man, I'm cold..." This is just something you can say when it's freezing outside.
Even though, it's the beginning of May and the weather STILL reaches below 50 degrees!

Woah, Deja vu! Or, "Man, am I hungry..." Try using this on long trips when you start to starve or when you're in class and REALLY want lunch to come soon.
(Or maybe on long stakeout missions after lazing around for so long.)

Class dismissed.