In 2018, I released my first Pokémon fan comic simply titled Pokémon 4Koma. I got a decent amount of attention from it. After a little thinking, I decided that it would be fun to make more of them. Eventually, I've managed to make enough strips to fit into a book!
Each containing their own brand of zaniness and insanity!

Pokémon Pocket Web Comics is at it's core, a gag comic strip based in a 4Koma format. (A comic layout that contains no more than 4 panels.)

Each strip focuses on a certain aspect of the Pokémon world. Either dealing with the Pokémon themselves or various items related to the franchise.

2021 Collection
2022 Collection
2023 Collection
A New Pokémon 4Koma Double Feature! Glampurr's Dark Past...
New Smear Resolution!
An Unproductive Comic Day EXTREME Pokémon Catching!!!
Shaking In My Contest!
New Character Alert!!! Rich in Taste!
Bicker While You Work!
Proof of Your Mastery! Interdimensional Spooky Stories!
Under New Management!
Just Focus On The Task At Hand! He Came From The World of Yesterday!
Time To Up Your Cooking Game!
Staying In Top Condition! The Ultimate Attacks!
The Catnip Competitor!
GET READY TO SCAN DOT CODE! Glam in the Eye of the Purrugly!
Over 1005, There's More To See!
Technological Treasure! Totally Magnetic!
Dress For Discomfort!
Big Battle on Mt. Fridgiyama! Poké Rancher!
Don't Stand A Chance Without Pokérus!
Contest Sticklers! What A COOL Performance!
And, Miraidon Makes 4!

At The Gates of Stardom!
How Time Flies!

An EGGtraordinary Change of Heart!

Mark My Words!

Getting Drowsy, VERY Drowsy...

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