Time To Show Everyone What I've Got!

On this page, I show off some of the Pokémon artwork I've created over the years!

Seeing as how I mostly draw Pokémon, it's only natural I dedicate a full gallery to it!

25 years ago...

My main influence comes from the artwork made by Ken Sugimori. Or, at least the stuff he's made up to 2002.
I'm working hard to make sure that my artwork looks just as cool!

Back to the ACTUAL artwork. Like I said before, I've made a lot of artwork throughout the years. So, I'm gonna sort them out by the exact year they were drawn in.
To sweeten the deal and to get more people to come here, I'm also going to upload some material exclusive to this website.
Maybe, I'll upload them somewhere else one day. Maybe, I won't. Who knows?



Time To Rest Up Before Another Big Adventure!

Better Lock Your Doors!

A Different Kind of Evolution!

Finally Joining Play! Pokémon!

Prepare For Trouble... (SITE EXCLUSIVE)

The Scare Factor Of This Country Has Been Blown WAY Out Of Proportion...

Get Ready To Experience A Whole New World of Linking!

Cool Contest Champion!
Can't Believe It's Been A Full YEAR Since I Stepped In Galar!

What A Night To Have A Deadline...
I'm REALLY Getting Into The Halloween Spirit Now!

This Isn't Your Big Brother's Pokémon!
Horrific Fun With Scots!

I've Got Your National Dex' Right Here~
I Was REALLY into Pokkén Tounrament When I Made This.

Conquered the Tower!
The Sunlight Got BRIGHT!

Battle of the Dueling Detectives!!!
Model Sheet For Musketeer In Training, Togero!

First A Curry Master, Soon A Pokémon Master!
The Island of Armor Awaits You...

Bidoof Day Art
Zeraora Rocks The Stage!

Everyone's Response When I Say I Grew Up Playing Pokémon Platinum.
Live From My Secret Base

You're Getting VERY Dizzy... (SITE EXCLUSIVE!)
Why Are My Favorite Pokémon Movies So Obscure?

A Little Father Son Bonding Time!
My Childhood TRULY Is Over...

It's Gonna Be A LONG Night For You... (SITE EXCLUSIVE)
Pink Super Moon Power Boost!

Reference Sheet For My LOVELY Vampire Golbat, Vlad.
Connection Has Been Lost... But, Not Forever.
Tanning Advisory
A Purrfect Feeling Check!
I Need To Do More Stuff With This Guy.
Stuck On An Island of Nightmares...
Alola! My Childhood, Pride, and Joy~
I Could Feel Her Ribbons All Day~
Get Your Own Hisui Pokédex Diploma! (EXCLUSIVE)
Let's Continue Protecting The Earth!
How Time Flies!
PKMN TCG Illustration Contest Entry 2: Pikachu

Come To Daddy Sweetie~
Missed My Favorite Guy AGAIN!
PKMN TCG Illustration Contest Entry 1: Bulbasaur

Minccino Used Attract!
A Soccer Match of LOVE~
Saturday Is A Funday!
Please Reset The Time.
A Tale Of Two Electric Mice!
Princely Concept Art (SITE EXCLUSIVE)
Zangoose Day 2021 Art
A Childhood Enigma...
You've Got The Power Right In Your Hands.
Two NEW Adventures in Sinnoh Are Coming!
Come Join The Wi-Fi Club!
Gonna Take You Out On A Someday Night!
Scorbunny's Late For Work!.
A Fiesty Beast Has Returned!

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