Umbreon and ????? ????????'s best friend who is the main character of this comic.

Pikachu may be cute. But he's also a tough fighter who's always there for his friends and trains hard to become the best!

When he's not traveling with ?????, he usually explores the world with Umbreon. Learning many new things along the way!


Pikachu's best friend who also happens to be the second main character of this comic.

His father raised him to be just as ruthless and dark as him. But all Umbreon ever wants to do in life is go on adventures and goof around all day.

He's a MASSIVE glutton for food and will eat anything that's edible.

Umbreon may seem dimwitted. But being raised in the Orre region, he has a real knack for battles.


He was once a Shadow Pokémon owned by a CIPHER Admin named Lovrina.
But after ????? snagged him and freed his heart, he decided to take up
Pokémon Contests in Hoenn. Aiming to become a Contest Star.

Glampurr is just as egotistic and stuck-up as he looks. But if one thing's for sure, it's that he can really move an audience.


A shiny Delcatty who comes from a big city.
He's Glampurr's rival and wishes for him to fail miserably in life.

Even though he's more popular than Glampurr, Glitzmeow is all talk. He's never won a single Contest Ribbon and lies just to keep his public image intact.

He's lucky he has his shiny coat to protect him.


A shiny Purrugly who is rivals with Glampurr and Glitzmeow.

She's incredibly uptight. Wanting only the best things in life.
She's also very judgemental of others and is quick to talk smack about them.

Like Glampurr, Nyaruma is also working hard to become a Contest Star. It's too bad she always ends up with a sticker instead of a Ribbon.


A young musketeer in training.

He has the ability to transform into Resolute Togero to get the extra strength he needs to take out his foes.

Outside of training, he studies Scots and freestyle dances to Euro Pop.

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