Umbreon and ????? ????????'s best friend who is the main character of this comic.

Pikachu may be cute. But he's also a tough fighter who's always there for his friends and trains hard to become the best!

When he's not traveling with ?????, he usually explores the world with Umbreon. Learning many new things along the way!


Pikachu's best friend who also happens to be the second main character of this comic.

His father raised him to be just as ruthless and dark as him. But all Umbreon ever wants to do in life is go on adventures and goof around all day.

He's a MASSIVE glutton for food and will eat anything that's edible.

Umbreon may seem dimwitted. But being raised in the Orre region, he has a real knack for battles.


The third main character of this comic. Although she comes from Kalos, Braixen rules the battlefields in Ferrum as one of the best battlers in the country.

She aims to become a Fire-type Master. So, she joins Pikachu and Umbreon on their adventures to improve her abilities.

Aside from battling, she has her eyes set on Pokémon contests and wants to dazzle everyone with her Fire/Psychic techniques.


He was once a Shadow Pokémon owned by a CIPHER Admin named Lovrina.
But after ????? snagged him and freed his heart, he decided to take up
Pokémon Contests in Hoenn. Aiming to become a Contest Star.

Glampurr is just as egotistic and stuck-up as he looks. But if one thing's for sure, it's that he can really move an audience.

When he's not competing in contests, he mostly spends his spare time modeling for portraits.


A shiny Delcatty who comes from a small country town in a mysterious region.
He's Glampurr's rival and wishes for him to fail miserably in life.

Even though he managed to win all the Super Contest Shows throughout Sinnoh, Glitzmeow still lacks the many ribbons that his adversaries carry. Jealous as ever, he sets out on a new goal: to become a Ribbon Master!


A Purrugly who is rivals with Glampurr and Glitzmeow.

She's incredibly uptight. Wanting only the best things in life.
She's also very judgemental of others and is quick to talk smack about them. (Unless she becomes a smitten kitten for them, that is.)

Unike Glampurr and Glitzmeow, Nyaruma has already made a name for herself in the Sinnoh region as a new kind of Contest Star. She frequents the Ribbon Syndicate in her free time searching for rare ribbons.


A dashing, young Glameow sent from the distant past to the modern world.

Being a creature from a different time period, he is very curious about the new world around him. Despite his innocent outlook on life, he still has a bit of a snobbish attitude. (It's not as bad as Glampurr and Nyaruma's though.)


A Dragonite who serves as the chairman for the Kanto branch of the World Pokémon League. An organization which develops new rules and regulations for Pokémon battles.

Despite his kind and generous nature, he is one of the most strongest Pokémon in both Kanto and Johto, having been one of the leading champions while still in his prime. He detests Pokémon and Trainers who break the rules of battles and will not hesitate to enforce the policies set forth by the League.

He spends most of his time in White City. Tending to it's many facilities and tournaments.



A Lucario who spends countless nights protecting his city from all the terrifying monsters who plot to disrupt its once peaceful state. With his varied collection of tools and quick thinking, he's steadfast at his job and does whatever he can to defeat his opponents.

When morning arrives, Lucario ditches his monster hunting gear and works at his job as head chef in a café. He's the restaurant's best worker and has managed to become somewhat of a mascot for it, heading various events and sharing some of his best recipes.

Lucario is cold and distant as a monster hunter but cheery and friendly during his day job. The personalities he has during both of his professions are so different you'd swear they were completely separate Pokémon!



A young Keldeo who came from a faraway town to become a member of the king of Kalos' royal Pokéteers.

He can be a bit stubborn and dumb sometimes. But when the moment calls, he's a tough fighter who will do anything to protect the Pokémon and the values he cares about.
 He can transform into Resolute Kouperé at will. Either to get the extra strength he needs to take out his foes or when he needs to look as cool as possible.

Besides his handling of a sword, he's an excellent freestyle breakdancer!