Link Binder

This is just a collection of websites that I like to visit every now and then.
Some of them are extremely fun to check out, while others can prove to be very helpful in certain areas.


While all the links I share on this page are trusted and aren't dangerous, it's still a good idea to watch out for any suspicious activity on the internet.

Personal Links:

My personal weblog.
This is where I showcase material that I don't think would fit well on this website. (Like unfinished material, artwork that doesn't meet my standards, and behind-the-scenes details on things that ARE present on this website.) Besides that, I also talk about things I'm into (Such as Pokémon or Hanna-Barbera cartoons) while sharing various interesting oddities!
Because this blog should be used in tandem with MEOWCO, I highly advise you to check it out as often as possible!

An archive of a (now deleted) Pokémon ask blog that centers around a cast of anthropomorphic Pokémon
(none of which I have a childhood crush on) who work at a news station and get into hilarious hijinks!

Miiverse Profile
An archieved version of my old Miiverse account! (Or at least the one linked to my 2DS...)

Media Links:

Dash & Spin Super Fast Sonic
An incredibly funny Sonic the Hedgehog manga that I used to read a lot as a kid. (Beats anything Archie was doing with the franchise at the time.) It's got everything! Good writing, fast-paced action, swearing, blood, and crude humor! (Try to ignore those last three.)

Lylat Wars Comic
A comic published by the European Club Nintendo magazine that retells the story of Star Fox 64. The artwork is well done and there's a good balance of comedy and action.

Nintendo Online Magazine
A digital magazine Nintendo used to make up until 2012. There's a lot of interesting information on things like the Mobile Adapter GB and the Nintendo Power cartridges. (There's also a few write-ups involving more obscure topics such as PokéPark!)

Super Famicom
Nintendo 64
Wii U
Game Boy/Game Boy Color
Game Boy Advance
Japanese Nintendo Websites
I'm putting these links together as they're all in the same boat in terms of content. Official websites for old Nintendo consoles that lead to official websites for Nintendo games! Untouched by the big N for decades.
Twenty Years After (And other D'Artagnan books!)
The entire collection of D'Artagnan novels by Alexandre Dumas presented by Project Gutenberg. The link leads to Twenty Years After. But there's other links present that'll lead you to the other books. And since they're eBooks, you can take them just about anywhere with you!

Custom Picross Designer
This is a nice little Picross game made with Javascript. You can create your own Picross puzzles for other people to solve. There's also a few pre-made puzzles that you can try out to give your brain a real workout!

Corocoro Website
The official home page for Corocoro magazine! Read cool comics and learn about the latest pieces of media before people on... ...that website.

Graphics Links:

Pixie Engine
An online tool for pixel artwork and sprites.

A project of the Internet Archive that keeps gifs from thousands of GeoCities websites. It might take a while to find a specific gif. (I'm still trying to find some good Top Cat gifs through there.)

Free Backgrounds
A catalog of different backgrounds you can use for your website! For browsers like FireFox, you just need to right click a background and save it. For others such as Chrome, you'll need to get a bit technical.

Educational Links:

HTML Course on W3C
If you want to make a cool website like mine, you'll want to check out the tutorials provided by W3C! They have many resources that can help you build your web design skills.

Kids Web Japan
A website I used to frequent when I was younger. It contains tons of interesting information about Japan. The site has changed significantly since I last visited it. (And by significantly, I mean incredibly minimalized.) However, the older (and better) version of site has been safely archieved.

Learn Japanese With the Pizza Cats!
Even though this is a fan page, I'm still going to list it here as it serves as a helpful guide while learning Japanese.

Japanese Learning Activities On Quia
A page filled with various activities that can help boost your knowledge of the Japanese language.

Mak Forrit
Scots Language Center
Scots Online
Scots Learning Resources
I'm putting these together since they nearly do the same thing. Excellent resources which help teach you about or boost your knowledge of Scots! A language that's similar to English which is spoken throughout lowland Scotland.

Fan Links:

What I consider to be THE best Dogtanian fansite around! There are many things to see on this website, such as character/season summaries, a merchandise gallery, a fanwork page, and a personality test! (Where have I seen that last one...)

Question Braixen
A Pokémon ask blog created by the same person behind Ask-WJV-Pokenews. This blog focuses on only one Pokémon, Braixen. And unlike that other ask blog, this one is still available on the web.

Princess Vi's Spiffy Diffy Web Page
One of the best Samurai Pizza Cats fansites on the web! (And one that I used to visit a lot when I was younger.) This website is just chock-full of Pizza Cats goodness! My favorite part of the site has to be the manga page. There's both official and unofficial works present. Two of the latter ones are original stories created by another English-speaking fan! Sadly, only one of those stories ever managed to be completed.
Another Dogtanian fansite. While it's nowhere as big as, it's still a pretty good site that houses some excellent character write-ups and episode summaries.

Guild of La Nya Village

A extremely stylish Japanese fansite devoted mostly to Monster Hunter. There's a lot of well made artwork present alongside a gallery for merchandise. (There's also material present for other things the webmaster is into like Sonic and Pokémon.)

Pokémon Center New York Historical Site
A Pokémon fansite that chronicles a lot of the stuff from the (sadly defunct) New York Pokémon Center. There's a page that goes over its history from its initial conception to its conversion into Nintendo World NYC. But there are also other pages detailing cool things such as the Gotta Catch em' All Station and some store-exclusive merchandise. If you experienced the Pokémon Center NY when it was still around, make sure to tell the webmasters about your experiences and memories!

Willy Wombat 20th Anniversary Webpage
A fansite dedicated to the Sega Saturn video game, Willy Wombat. Even though it isn't as big as the other websites listed on this page, it still has a plethora of information on the game.

Choo Choo Fansite
A fansite dedicated to Choo Choo from Top Cat. There's an article on the character alongside a lot of neat screenshots and gifs.

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